So one of the things I wanted to do with my Honors Thesis was to investigate how presentation changes the context of how the art is viewed. I know seeing it online isn’t the same (and wow, the difference is kind of unbelievable, or at least it was to me!), but I wanted people to have the chance to see what the installation looked like, in case they weren’t able to make it. So, to that end, photos!

I was really lucky to have a lot of help with this. Danielle Miller, Lynn Johnson, Sue Watrous, and Barbara Branstetter all helped me work out the kinks in presenting a bunch of unfinished paintings, and basically talked me off a creative ledge.

Or talked me onto one. I’m not sure at this point, actually. I’ve never done a successful installation, and I’m still not sure I can say I have after this show is over, or not. We’ll see what the professors say!

John Myers, Joe Y., William S., Sheri Velarde, Carla Usery, Linda Slater, and Katie Carillo all came out and helped me hang the paintings, paint the walls, and move the lights. (Turns out I’m wicked afraid of touching gallery lights, even if they’re off.)

Linda even brought donuts, which was cool! Fancy gourmet donuts!

A lady named Florence (I’m hoping I got the spelling on that right) came by and gave me some early feedback on my show as we were hanging it, and also helped make sure everything was… well… sort of level. (I’m kind of lax when it comes to stuff like that.) She was also super awesome and supportive.

A few people have been to see the show, and everyone’s been very nice and supportive, so… I don’t know. I hope you all out in the interwebs like it as well!